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Introducing’s kunkunshi database

Upon hearing of’s kunkunshi database my first thought was “cool, there’s finally a website that makes available kunkunshi for all to enjoy.” But, alas, the website is actually a database for existing kunkunshi books. Still, it’s a great way to search for a song to find out which kunkunshi book it’s in to save … Continue reading

KunKun4 Editor Screencast

Here’s a screencast for’s KunKun4 Editor. I found a few things that don’t seem to be working yet (e.g. emailing kunkunshi, playback, formatting) but overall, this is an awesome tool available on the Web. Enjoy! (I also have the screencast up on Vimeo.)

Simple Sanshin Source requests your kunkunshi scans!

Kenji is requesting your help in sending him scans of kunkunshi. More information on how to send it to him can be found on site: Simple Sanshin Source. If he selects your kunkunshi, he’ll post it on the site with a “romaji translation and a small description of what the song is about.”

Website: Simple Sanshin Source

Simple Sanshin Source is “an English-based guide to the Okinawan sanshin” that features kunkunshi (sheet music), lyrics, and tips by Kenji, a self-taught sanshin enthusiast. Given that I haven’t been very good at updating Three Strings, Simple Sanshin Source looks to be the online place to learn about the sanshin. There’s also a YouTube channel … Continue reading