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Wallpaper: Aya Ueto for Lotte

Aya Ueto does it again. She remains—for the last few years—the actress with the most official wallpapers for the many times a company has made her their image girl. This time, she’s the image girl for Lotte’s ice vanilla snack. You’ll have to answer a question (really, they shouldn’t have gone through the trouble) to … Continue reading

Aya Ueto to star in “Thermae Romae”

Cameras are already rolling for the live-action movie adaptation of Yamazaki Mari’s “Thermae Romae” manga, but the main cast has just been revealed. Abe Hiroshi (46) will star, while Ueto Aya (25) will play the female lead. The manga, which won the Manga Taisho and a Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize last year, is a comedy … Continue reading

Spring 2011 J-dramas to watch

I haven’t done one of these in a long time so here we go! There are two (maybe more) J-dramas beginning this month for the Spring 2011 season that star actresses from Okinawa. The first one starts on the 18th is titled “Shiawase ni Narou yo (幸せになろうよ)” and stars Meisa Kuroki in the role of … Continue reading

Wallpaper: Aya Ueto for Kose Cosmeport

Kose has two, count ‘em, two calendar-type wallpapers featuring our favorite (or rather, Japan’s favorite) image girl Aya Ueto. The calendars are for the months of April to June and you can download both here. (Via 壁紙fan!)